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C4H is a 360 degree preventive healthcare ecosystem - a one stop solution for all your health needs.
It is a program envisioned under "Healthy India" initiative of Govt of India to spread a culture of preventive healthcare in all phases of human life cycle.
We wish to bring preventive health care in forefront against reactive healthcare - a paradigm shift from curing to caring.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"
                                                                                          - Benjamin Franklin

          ALL ABOUT C4H

C4H is the brain child of our founding member Mr. Jatin Mittal who wanted to apply lean manufacturing principles in healthcare delivery to make quality healthcare accessible for all at affordable prices.

Statistics say 20% of Indians die because of not getting assistance from qualified healthcare professionals and 1/3 of these deaths are from our productive population. This situation is alarming. Our healthcare expenditure is lowest among our BRICS' peers and other developed nations due to which our healthcare infrastructure is inadequate, creating supply shortage resulting in costlier healthcare services.

This is where preventive healthcare comes into picture. We, at C4H, are working towards bringing preventive healthcare in forefront by applying mass production techniques in healthcare services which would not only bring experts care to the masses but also would reduce stress on healthcare infrastructure, thereby reducing prices.

We intend to work in the golden hotspot of wellbeing wherein physical, behavioral and emotional health converge.

Areas we take care of

  • Preventive health check-ups and corrections: physical, behavioral, and emotional assessments

  • Sustained behavioral change program

  • Healthcare analytics support

Our experienced medical practioners and experts team are committed to help you find the right product to bring care and wellbeing to your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a complete healthcare program, or just looking for one special care service, make C4H your first (and only) stop.



Schools play a crucial role in child’s development, growth and ultimately how he/she would perform in his/her adulthood. Even though schools deliver similar curriculum, values to each of their students, their development paths differ. This developmental variation can be attributed to one major factor - overall wellbeing of a child.

Facts say 1/3 of school going children in India are suffering from one or other type of diseases most of which is preventable. Issues remain unnoticed and addressed only when child goes unwell. This situation arises due to lack of knowledge and awareness among parents about preventive healthcare of children.

Under C4H, we collaborate with schools, parents and children and conduct school based sustainable preventive healthcare programs. Along with parents and teachers intervention, each child is assessed through our innovative CARE model based on which short term and long term cure is planned. It is not just a health check up, we would work with children to inculcate healthy habits in their lifestyle and ensure sustainability.


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Companies need healthy minds. A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body.

Are organizations confident enough in taking the best care of health of their employees? Or is it sick-care that they are spending upon millions?

Organization Resource Management - Man, Material, Method, Machine

Today, organizations are spending millions to avoid equipment downtime and increase productivity hours. Most organizations have separate divisions for preventive and predictive maintenance of its machines.

But what about man? Are we able to do preventive maintenance of our employees? Do we even have data for that?

​This is exactly where C4H comes into picture. Through its innovative CARE healthcare cycle, C4H intends to support corporates in running sustainable preventive healthcare program that would assess physical, behavioral and emotional well being of their employees and providing them with necessary healthcare analytics to plan their long term employee welfare strategies.


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